A secure and safe web app firewall

All our hosting plans offer ModSecurity by default. ModSecurity is a compact Apache module that does an awesome job – it functions as a web app firewall program, efficiently shielding all your sites against hack assaults. And everything happens immediately, without you needing to modify or tweak anything. Your web sites will become shielded the very next moment you host them with us.

Solid–State Drives

Your site will be faster with solid–state drives

All new PCs and laptop computers come with solid–state disks and this is so for a reason. Solid–state disks provide much faster read/write speeds, making everything visibly faster. Exactly the same will be valid for your site in case you host it with Crenet Hosting – all the hosting servers are furnished with solid–state drives and various websites hosted with us load considerably faster than those hosted on conventional hard drives.

And the best of all is that you don’t have to change, fine–tune or configure anything whatsoever in order to make it open faster.

VPN Access

Secure, anonymous surfing

If you wish to stay absolutely anonymous whilst surfing the World Wide Web, our company offers you a simple solution. With any of our hosting packs, you’ll be able to acquire VPN access. We will forward all your inbound and outbound website traffic through one of our virtual private network data centers, making your cyber footmark untraceable. And you’ll get VPN access irrespective of what web–connected device you’re using.

Service Scalability

Take advantage of the available resources at any moment

Our cloud web hosting system does allow for the server load to be spread across a few physical machines rather than one. This will allow you to you take full advantage of the allocated server resources and enjoy flabbergastingly fast site load speeds even in case the hosting server is under stress. In addition, you can further improve your data space, traffic and CPU utilization allocations, or move to a higher cloud web hosting plan if you’d like to with a simple mouse click.

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